Sharelle is very friendly, calm and accommodating. She let us know it was ok if we needed to feed, soothe or tend to our baby, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I liked the way Sharelle spoke us through the techniques and went at a pace that ensured we were doing them correctly on our baby.  I have noticed that my baby boy is a lot calmer, especially before bed time. I really enjoyed the classes, thank you!

- Laura W

Sharelle was very knowledgeable and explained the techniques well. My baby is relaxed and sleepy after massage. Sharelle  has a lovely calm manner, resulting in a very enjoyable experience. She made me feel comfortable with feeding and soothing my baby too.

- Joey

Thank you for a great course, Luca and I learnt a lot. I  could tell that Luca really enjoyed it, he was very relaxed,and is sleeping so well since starting your infant massage classes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, my boy and I loved it.

- Christine M

Sharelle went at a pace that was based on us and waited to make sure we were doing the massage correctly and we were happy before moving on.

I really enjoyed participating in these classes and feel like this will really benefit my baby, especially with getting into a routine before bedtime.

- Rachel F